Our group of healthcare companies is present in Europe since 1994. With offices and operations in Romania, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria & Cyprus, the Group focuses in five major business lines:

Promoting the most innovative medical technologies, such as minimally-invasive surgery & vital organ replacement: SOFMEDICA – Life Saving Innovation; Providing hard and soft-skills training for healthcare professionals and assuring a meeting point of the most innovative Life-Saving technologies and the optimal environment for simulation, on-line training and e-learning: ISLE ACADEMY – Innovation, Simulation & Learning Ecosystem; Providing patients suffering from chronic conditions with specialized medical services: EMERALD – Precious Healthcare; developing high-end infrastructure designed to host healthcare providers according to the latest building standards and operating regulations: MEDCITY – The Medical Mall; and offering solutions for operational leasing for innovative Medical Programs: MEDI LEASING – Innovation at Your Fingertips.

The group’s education-driven approach aims to create sustainable change for as many patients in Europe as possible and to establish a new paradigm in corporate social responsibility by bridging the distance between the latest breakthroughs of the healthcare industry on the one end and the patients & healthcare professionals in the region on the other.

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